Yarnelle Fur-Babies  

Adoption Process

Have you found your Fur-Baby?

Below is information on how the process of adoption begins!

Do you allow visits?
 All visits are by appointment only and are not to exceed 15 minutes. We do require that you submit a completed puppy application before scheduling a visit if you have not placed a deposit. Our puppies have to be at LEAST 6 weeks of age for an in-person visit. Puppy picks at 4 weeks will be done virtually. We do not allow visits with multiple litters, therefore you must choose 2-3 puppies to visit with. We are happy to Facetime with those out of state and unable to travel!

1.) How do I know what puppies are upcoming and how do I get on a waitlist?

We unfortunately do not do any "waitlists" here at Yarnelle Fur-Babies. The best way to find out more information regarding our upcoming litters is to personally contact us at (260)443-9035. We will only accept deposits once we have a confirmed pregnancy. 

2.) How do I know what puppies are available?

 We try to update our website as often as possible, but the best way to verify availability of our puppies is to contact us personally. We do ask that you add in the "note" section if you would like to reserve a male or female.

3.) How do I place a deposit on a litter?

After we have confirmed availability, you then have the option to place a NONREFUNDABLE BUT TRANSFERABLE deposit to reserve your puppy until 8 weeks of age (when your puppy can come home!) We accept Cashapp or Zelle for the deposit only. The remaining balance of your puppy will be due in CASH only. If you have chosen to place a deposit on a litter of puppies, and not a specific puppy, then you will be placed on our deposit list and will pick your puppy in order of deposits received. We try to be as fair as possible, but we have to abide by our policy. If we receive a deposit just seconds before yours, unfortunately, that family will choose before you. When you place your deposit, you MUST tell us what gender you would like to reserve. This allows other families clarity on what gender is available by their pick. If by the time it is your turn to pick and you have changed your gender, you will be put at the end of the list for that gender. If there are no puppies remaining of that gender, your deposit will then be transferable to another litter in the future. We allow a ONE TIME transfer only. 

4.) I have placed a deposit, what is next?

If you have placed a deposit on a SOLID COLORED litter, and are waiting to pick your puppy, know that we will take individual pictures of the puppies at about 3-4 weeks of age. We will then begin to introduce these pictures to families in order of deposits received and schedule virtual visits to pick your puppy at 4 weeks of age. In person visits will not be allowed until puppies are 6 weeks of age. Contact us with any questions. 

If you have placed a deposit on a MULTICOLORED/PATTERNED litter, we will start puppy picks virtually as soon as possible (typically at age 1-2 weeks - at our discretion). We will schedule to FaceTime you with 2-3 available puppies you have chosen from individual pictures. We unfortunately do NOT allow any in person visits with puppies until they are 6 weeks of age. This is for the health and safety of our momma's and their babies. It is crucial to understand that puppies are very susceptible to getting sick and it is our job to protect them! After virtually picking your puppy at 4 weeks, we are happy to schedule an in-person visit around 6 weeks of age. This is of course at our discretion. Puppy visits are scheduled 30 minutes apart, so we do ask that your visit does not exceed 15 minutes to be fair to everyone. After you have chosen your puppy, we will do our very best to send updates every 2 weeks. All of our puppies will visit the vet at 7 weeks, and are ready to come home at 8 weeks! 

We know this is an exciting time for you and your family, but we are unable to send updated pictures and videos upon request. We are incredibly busy and are truly focused on taking care of the puppies and their momma's during their stay with us! 

5.) What does it mean to transfer my deposit?

We give everyone the option to transfer their deposit ONE TIME. When you decide to transfer your deposit another $100 will be required at that time to ensure you are ready. Your previous deposit and this current deposit will then go towards the total purchase. There is not a time limit on how quickly you are to transfer, and rest assured, your deposit will never expire. We do ask that you are aware that depending on the breed, color, coat type, size, generation, etc, puppies are not promised to have the same price as your intended first purchase. 

6.) How do you accept deposits?

We accept Zelle, CashApp, or Cash for our DEPOSITS ONLY. We do allow personal checks in the mail for puppies that will be staying with us an additional 4 weeks from the time the deposit is mailed. Unfortunately, we do NOT accept paypal, venmo, or any other form of payment. Contact Brooke (260)443-9035 for our information to place a deposit. The remaining balance will be due in CASH ONLY at pickup. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT AT PICKUP! If your puppy is being transported to you, we do require that the puppy is paid in full 2-3 business days prior to their departure- no exceptions. This payment can be made via Cashapp or Zelle ONLY. Please contact Brooke (260)443-9035 for further information and questions. 

7.) What about the application?

We do require the puppy application to be filled out prior to any in person visit, especially if we have NOT received a nonrefundable but transferable deposit from you. This is for the safety of both ourselves and our puppies/dogs. If at anytime we do not feel a visit is safe, we have the right to require a deposit and/or require meeting off of our facility. Please email your filled out application to yarnellefurbabies@gmail.com prior to visiting/picking up your puppy (whatever comes first). This just provides further information on your family and who our fur-baby will be joining!

8.) Do you require a spay/neuter contract?

We do NOT require a spay/neuter contract and breeding rights are not restricted with any of our DOODLE puppies. There is not an additional fee that we ask of you for breeding rights. We do ask that you are upfront and honest and let us know that you are purchasing for a breeding prospect. This gives us the opportunity to assist you in choosing the best fit for your breeding program. We do ask that you have completed the necessary research and breed responsibly. All of our sires and dams are genetic health tested, and majority of our sires are color tested as well. We can provide these documents upon request. AKC registered labrador retrievers, and standard poodles may require an additional cost for FULL AKC registration upon our discretion. We do not guarantee composition, color, etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our adoption process. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Brooke (260)443-9035 or John (260)410-7925.

 Puppy Application

Above is our puppy application!

We require this to be filled out before bringing your puppy home! This small amount of information allows us to get to know you and your family a little better. We look forward to adding you to our tribe!


Please email your completed application to: yarnellefurbabies@gmail.com


If you have any questions please text/call